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The SPA can be signed within 14 - 21 days. Not necessary 14 days depending on whether its a local or foreigner purchaser. With foreigner purchaser, they will also need to apply for state consent. which could take up to 3 months then only after the consent is obtained then the 3 months provision period for loan payment starts.

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There is a new property development in KLCC, opposite the KLCC convention centre that is running on a scheme of 6% GRR for 10 years, if you need more details you can contact me

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in my opinion the link will not benefit the damansara perdana residents as it does not serve any purpose for them as there already have access to LDP and Penchala Link. it will increase traffice as there will be flows in from Puncak Alam and Denai Alam. this will be beneficial for commercial as business crowd will increase, but will be a nightmare for residents of the area.

in terms of property prices, it will be affected in the downwards motion. being so near to the highway, it will cause noise and dust pollution

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