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About Harrison Heng

Agency : Propmex Realty Sdn Bhd ( E(1)1625)

I am Harrison Heng, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Propmex Realty Sdn Bhd with a minimum of 2 years experience in the real estate industry.

I specialise in the following:

Hi, I'm Harrison.I'm from PROPMEX REALTY SDN BHD in JB. My philosophy is providing a better quality of life for the people.Feel free to contact me for property consultation,selling,buying or leasing out any of your property. Thank you.為您找到一個美好的家!買賣租聘都可以找我,謝謝您

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Harrison Heng, https://dwxbwps5boihg.cloudfront.net/users/avatars/59834/9ba5bcf3-066a-4856-832e-2fece939e74e.jfif Homepage: Agency: Propmex Realty Sdn Bhd Property Negotiator My colleague: Liza Leong Annie Lee Annie Lee Hua 6163