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About Suresh K

Agency : Max Capital Realty ( E(3)1338)

I am Suresh K, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Max Capital Realty.

I specialise in the following:

Investment in a property is an important path in everyones life.When you plan to invest in a property you must ask your self, " what is the reason I am purchasing this property?".From my own experience, investing into a properties is actually a simple things if you deal with the right agent, developer, banker, and lawyer.

Investing in a property for many is normally for permanently staying or investment.Investing will cover time share, renting to corporate/expatriate and selling the property when the prices increases.This is the basic investment options many investors look into when they decide to buy a property.

If you are seeking to invest or have a dream home drop me an email for current property launchers. Properties that are highlighted are only from credible developers in the market.

Providing a one stop property investment service, you need not worry or plan heavily.

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