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Agency : Chin Housing Realty ( E(3)0510)

I am Edward Chong, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Chin Housing Realty.

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when sale a property, How many type of tax, you need be aware

1. Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) - sale property within 5 years, companies, non-citizen

2. Personal Income Tax - ?? we need to pay for it? any formula, how to calculate it?

3. Business Tax - 2 year sale 3 unit (http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1581994)

4. GST - only apply on commercial Property??


5. GST on agent commission fee  


6. for Penang only, 2% Levy On Property Purchased After 1.2.2014 Sold Within 3 Years (https://www.penang.gov.my/kenyataan-akhbar/2774-penang-state-government-new-housing-rule)

7. any other tax??

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