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Agency : Great Acres ( VE(3)0254)

I am Eric Oo, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Great Acres.

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Technically speaking, it's all the same. All three types are commercial prop with almost the same purpose. Thats my 2 cents opinion . Cheers

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Erm... It's not really the inside connections that get you the best package though.... Loan rates & packages are highly determine by the amount of loan and financial credibility. Say for example, loan amount of Rm 1mil vs Rm 300k, higher loan amount will get better rates and also if you have low commitments and lots of savings with a particular bank will also ensure that you will have better loan package as well.

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Ahha @ Dianne... good one !! At the moment Pbb has the cheapest staff rates ..try looking for someone attractive working there ... cheers :P

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