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Agency : Huttons Oneworld Sdn. Bhd. ( E(1)1286/3)

I am Jimmy Goh, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Huttons Oneworld Sdn. Bhd..

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As you may realise, it seems like everyone can be a developer. Small and big construction companies started to turn into developer themselves as the profit from developing and launching projects is irresistible. Looking from the buyers' perspective, we have more choices to go for. However, the continuous increased in the prices is also another con for us. For me, choosing the right properties with established developers is an important factor to be considered of, in order to avoid any delay and unwanted situation.

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Jimmy Goh, https://dwxbwps5boihg.cloudfront.net/users/avatars/2786/G__7f8c8d.png Homepage: Agency: Huttons Oneworld Sdn. Bhd. Property Negotiator My colleague: B Lam Chua Han Shee Nee Lily Lee Moon