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Hi everyone, have you guys heard The Place @ Cyberjaya before?

The Place@Cyberjaya is actually right next to Lim Kok Wing University, very high demand. Mostly rent to Lim Kok Wing's student, to be honest, tenants mostly from Middle East & Africa. 

There are 2 towers, Tower 1 is Studio Duplex, is around 480 sqf to 538 sqf. Tower 2 is Studio Room, is around 538 sqf to 739 sqf, 3 rooms or 4 rooms type. The students are more comfortable with the unit in Tower 1.

For this project, MCT as project developer, provide all units in Tower 1 semi furnished and fully furnished for Tower 2.

Let me share about the rental return in The Place@Cyberjaya,

Tower 1 Duplex Semi Furnished Market Rental: RM1,400-RM1,600

Tower 1 Duplex Fully Furnished Market Rental: RM1,700-RM2,000  

The market selling price: RM350,000

Furnitures cost: RM5,000 (Let's maximise this)

Calculation: (RM1,700 * 12 months) / (RM350,000 + RM5,000)= 5.75%

I think this is consider quite high rental return in Cyberjaya.

Thanks for reading :) 

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