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Opportunity is created not found! So be proactive!

Jayce Yap has been in the real estate business since 2003, he went through the good and bad times of Malaysia property market; sold and rent 100s of real estates. For all these times his clients and customers teach him that, not only location but 3 other major factors that change Malaysia real estate market:

1. Tenant and buyer behavioral change.
2. What are the things could add more value to a property?
3. Where the technology is leading real estate to?

To purchase a property in Malaysia or getting the best place to meet your need in Malaysia, information to collect is not complete through the internet, you need professionals to help such as:

1. An experience lawyer for international transaction.
2. A Malaysia local expert in international real estate market.
3. Who to find for your relocation needs such as a car rental service and property management services.

If you or your friends are looking for a helpful professional to help you to market, hunt or rent your real estate in Malaysia.

You can reach Jayce Yap's whatsapp/call: +60173394843

Jayce Yap 在马来西亚地产行业经营了有13年的时间,在这期间他见证了马来西亚地产行情最好以及最坏,也曾经帮助超过100位以上的顾客,在马来西亚购买房地产。这些年来,透过顾客及自己的经验;让他深深的领悟到马来西亚购买房地产,除了地点意外,还有3个重要的因素:

1. 租客和买家行为的变动.
2. 什么东西能够提升马来西亚房产的价值。
3. 科技的发展导致的变化。


1. 一位有经验的律师
2. 拥有买卖国际房地产的马来西亚合法地产经纪人公司
3. 以及所有能帮助你在马来西亚管理你的房地产的专业公司

想要在马来西亚买卖房地产,你可以微信 jayceyapmc 或 whatsapp: +60173394843

- Marketing Luxury Real Estate in Kuala Lumpur
- Marketing Australia Primary Market
- Specialise in Malaysia 2nd Home Programme

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