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Agency : QO Properties Sdn Bhd ( E(1)1529)

I am Michael Lim, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from QO Properties Sdn Bhd.

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Please let me know the advantage and disadvantage of Flexus by OCR @ Jalan Kuching. Thanks !

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We have a parcel of commercial land fronting Jalan Rawang near to Tesco.
Any expert can suggest the selling price there ?
Is it suitable if were to build a high-rise mixed development ?

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Michael Lim, https://dwxbwps5boihg.cloudfront.net/users/avatars/1545/M__16a085.png Homepage: Agency: QO Properties Sdn Bhd Property Negotiator My colleague: Grace Yoh Erwin Ng Lim Kai Seng