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Agency : Simon Realty ( E(3)1451)

I am Vince, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Simon Realty.

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I am a probationary estate agent on the way of getting my own agency license.
My area of focus is on commercial real estate, in Petaling Jaya.

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It depends how long you decide to stay there.
1.For high end condo, after 5 or 10 years, the external design, the facilities will look old, and you can't renovate it, but for bungalow, you can refurbish it as and when you want and afford.
2. High end condo is a shared and community living, bungalow has more privacy.
3. Pets keeping is another issue

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In simplified terms for explanation, a plot ratio is how much space you can build up on a particular piece of land, for example, for a piece of 10,000sqft land, if it has a plot ratio of 1:2, that means a building of 20,000sqft can be built on it.
This ratio is determined by the state authority.
But, on top of plot ratio, there are other considerations like set back area, height restrictions.......
There is not fixed definition on high and low density development, it is a relative comparisons between the number of units to the land size of a development

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Lee, the name of property given on the sales brochures may not be used in the S&P, pls chk with the lawyers on the legality of it.
But, we all know that for any development, says terrace houses, the developer may give phase 1 a fancy name like "Summerhome", this may not be mentioned in the S&P

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