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Agency : Rina Properties Asia Sdn. Bhd. ( E(1)1607)

I am Winproperty1488, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Rina Properties Asia Sdn. Bhd..

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Hi, Im Edmund from Rina Properties. My area of focus mainly Puchong, cover mainly residential, & commercial properties, I also cover a bit area at cyberjaya & Klang.
For Cyberjaya mainly on investment properties like student accommodation. At Klang area, mainly selling or lease of land and factory. Do call me if you have properties for sales or lease. Or you are looking to buy or rent. Thank!

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Other than direct invest into the property itself, there are indirect ownership like Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), when you hold share in the property management company, in return you get dividend every year. Or you can invest developer share in KLSE, rise on their sales of properties, to get share price appreciation and dividend.

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You assign your life policy to the your borrower bank, if you pass away before settle the loan, insurance company will settle the loan for you, the remaining will give it to your next of keen. Unless bank force you to buy insurance from them before approve your loan, if not, just nominate your next of keen to settle the loan after receive insurance payout.

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