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Properties for Sale in Butterworth

Butterworth is the main town of Seberang Perai on the mainland Penang. It was established in mid 19th century by the British administration as a transportation hub to assist in Penang island’s role as an international port. Till this day, the town named after the Governor of the Straits Settlement during the time, William John Butterworth, still remains true to its purpose.

Butterworth is the terminus of various transportation, such as the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), ferries and ships. The town is most well-known by Malaysians and international tourists as the boarding and embarking point of the ferry service which shuttles cars, motorbikes and passengers between Penang island and the mainland.

Being one of the oldest towns in Penang, Butterworth has been home to many for decades and even centuries. Hence, population in Butterworth is significantly denser than other towns on the mainland. Beginning in the late 20th century and early 21st century, a number multinational and local companies began setting up operations in industrial estates around the region, also drawing in a number of people with the abundance of employment opportunities.

There are innumerable housing estates and villages in Butterworth, with some of the older ones being Taman Aman Jaya, Taman Bagan Lalang, Taman Chempaka Sari, Taman Dedap, Taman Merbau, Taman Molek, Taman Pandan, Taman Tanjung and more. Villages which have been around for decades include Kampung Manggis, Kampung Gajah, Kampung Jawa, and countless others. As such, amenities in the area like eateries, banks, convenience stores, petrol stations and much more are aplenty.

Housing in Butterworth has commonly been to accommodate the growing number of population who came to work in the industrial estates there. Hence, residential properties were generally between lower-medium to medium cost landed homes or low cost apartment. These days, there have been a change in direction with increasing numbers of high-rise and commercial development with upcoming properties like Woodbury Suites and Luminari which are luxurious and modern, high rise residences. Future developments are also expected to continue in that line as well as encompass more commercial and retail complexes.

Butterworth is highly accessible to Penang island as well as many other towns and states on Peninsula Malaysia. Within Butterworth, the Butterworth Outer Ring Road is one of the most frequented roads in Seberang Perai, connecting the town to other parts of the region like Bukit Mertajam and the first Penang bridge.

On the other hand, the North South Expressway (PLUS) connects Butterworth to the northern states of Kedah and Perlis as well as southern states like Taiping, Ipoh, Selangor, all the way to Johor while the Butterworth - Kulim Expressway links Butterworth to Kulim in Kedah and other areas east of the town.

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