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Properties for Sale in Bangi

Not to be confused with Bandar Baru Bangi which is an entirely different township, Bangi is a town located within the district of Hulu Langat and is a neighbour to Kajang and Putrajaya.

Located very much on the outskirts of the city, Bangi is a township that experiences very slow growth in terms of value and economy. Being as such, properties within this town are extremely affordable for the city dweller of Kuala Lumpur if its seclusion and distance from the city is not an issue.

That being said, Bangi is moderately self-sufficient with its own range of amenities. Most of the visitors who come here all exclaim over the lush greeneries on the outskirts of the township and the rustic feel of the town itself.

Amongst some of the larger shopping facilities offered here is the Bangi Gateway Shopping Centre, while the local university is the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) where students find it extremely convenient commuting to the city or Kajang via the Bangi KTM train.

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