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Méranti is a development of beautiful landed properties located in the Hillpark township of Puncak Alam. Consisting of two phases (Méranti I & Méranti II), the project’s most unique feature is its 56-acre forest and a central lake that lie right across the property ground. Indeed for those who have always dreamed of a storybook home amidst green forests and calming lakes, Méranti may well be an ideal choice. Its 2-storey terraced units come with 4 spacious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The property also features two units of Panasonic PureTech Air Ventilation System that circulates air flow in the property while removing up to 95% of pollutants. Additionally, residents can feel safe knowing that the property comes with perimeter fencing, CCTV and guardhouse. 
As part of the Hillpark township, Méranti was developed with nature in mind. The self-contained township is connected by eco-friendly infrastructures based on passive green design. As a resident, you’ll enjoy sustainable and wholesome green living with nature at your every door front. Take note of the cycling tracks and foot paths by the housing area, too. They may well lead you to adventures of exploration around the township. Venture to the lake for a quiet afternoon by the water or trek into the forest park and discover the wonders of being surrounded by towering trees. Perhaps the downside to the Méranti homes is its sizeable travel distance to Kuala Lumpur which can take up to 40 minutes of driving. Nevertheless, it is definitely not far from amenities such as schools and shops. Méranti is a mere 5-minute drive to the nearest school and 10 minutes away from the UITM, Puncak Alam campus. The property is also located close to up-and-coming shops in the township itself – a convenience that most would enjoy. Currently, Méranti I units are completely sold out leaving only Méranti II units available. This is not necessarily a bad thing as Méranti II homes are more spacious at 1,563 sf at an affordable price that starts from RM498,000. Indeed for those who idealise a spacey home close to nature, Méranti proves to be quite the bargain especially in this time and day.

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