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Kuala lumpur

Attracting both the privileged and expatriates to Mont Kiara are condominiums such as Mont Kiara Bayu, a condominium designed for cosy family living. Although its design might not endear one to this older condominium, it is nevertheless treasured for its location close to numerous private as well as international schools. Mont Kiara Bayu however has what one would call a “haunted” history, with an unusual number of crises hitting it beginning with a Japanese couple who were electrocuted in their unit by no fault of the developer as the husband was using his laptop in the bathtub. He was electrocuted due to a stray spark of electricity, followed by his better half who attempted to save her husband by dragging him out and unfortunately sticking her hand into the still charged water. Following this was the death of the son of a dignitary who perished in a fire in his unit while onlookers were unable to help, while the latest case happened when a delighted purchaser of an auctioned unit found a hacked up body in the left-behind refrigerator. As such, parties who succumb to the willies easily may wish to give this condominium a miss; or would want to research their unit of choice very carefully before making their purchase.

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