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Kuala lumpur

Of one of the most renowned mixed developments in Bandar Menjalara is Plaza Medan Putra, a combination of residential and commercial lots. While strategically located in a sought after location, many potential investors who were interested in the project walked away soon after visiting the place, as many complain that they do not like its design. What one observer mentioned was that the building looks like a low cost development from the outside, while the building looks far older than its actual age. He also said that he thoroughly disliked the fact that the water tank is visible from the outside. Another potential buyer also complained that he thoroughly disliked the fact that there are far too many foreigners staying at the place, going so far as to say that it looks like a mini United Nation office on the inside. The one good thing about this development is that the commercial lots attached to the residential development are held by the developer and leased to tenants; however, these shops stand empty as the developers are unable to find any good tenants. All in all, there have been purchasers who bought this project during its launch, but sold it a few years after its completion as they were unable to deal with the environment; and have according to them made a 100% profit.

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