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Nestled in an area of lush abundance, Riana Green is one of the many condominiums in the area that is highly sought after by both home buyers and speculators due to its steadily ever increasing prices. Previously a favourite amongst families, with its family friendly facilities and the good maintenance of the condominium, Riana Green is now purportedly highly avoided because of the high number of rude Iranians who have purchased homes here. Some residents go so far as to complain to the parents of the children who scream in play unheeded at night, only to be told off in a rude and confrontational manner by the said parent; although there are also some residents who have complained to the security guards instead who handled the parents successfully in their stead. Another point for consideration is that buyers who cannot bear seeing a congested road right in front of their gates every morning would do well to search for a home in other areas, as it is the norm for the residents here to have difficulties even getting out onto the main road in the mornings.

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