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Properties for Sale in Rimbun

With the number of luxury properties cropping up on every available piece of land in the city centre comes another one by the name of Rimbun, neighboured by other just as prominent condominiums. These posh homes that are targeted exclusively to the upmarket has a private lift and lobby for every unit, with the penthouses coming with its own private swimming pool, sky lounge and garden. Even its parking lots are specially designed for sports cars, eliminating a major pain for sports car owners. Designed to be an eco-friendly development, Rimbun was awarded the Green Mark (Gold Plus) Provisional Certification by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority. In lieu of its lofty award, Rimbun touts energy saving features such as rain water harvesting systems, aerated concrete blocks and solar photovoltaic panels. Low density is one of Rimbun’s best selling points, with only 2 units available on each floor whereby each unit will have a 270˚ view of its surroundings which are guaranteed to be beautiful with panoramic views of the cityscape, and the lush greeneries within the compounds of Rimbun of which over a hundred trees will be planted.

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