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Seri Iskandar is a town located in Perak, and also acts as the district capital of Perak Tengah. Ipoh is located approximately 40km northeast of Seri Iskandar. Other towns in the vicinity are Tronoh, a town well-known for its mining industry in the past, and Bota.

Seri Iskandar encompasses several satellite towns, which include Bandar Seri Iskandar, Ilam Farouqi, Bandar Universiti Seri Iskandar (BUSI), Bandar Baru Seri Iskandar, Taman Maju, Desa Seri Iskandar (including RPA Changkat Sodang), and Puncak Iskandar.

Seri Iskandar is most known for being the site of Universiti Teknologi Petronas, a Universiti Teknologi MARA campus, and the Kolej Profesional MARA, while construction of a UCSI University campus is also well underway, expected to open its doors to seekers of higher learning by the end of the first half of 2018.

As such, many have labelled Seri Iskandar as a budding “University Town”, much like the town of Kampar, about 35km west of it. Like Kampar, residential and commercial developments, many of which are shop lots and housing areas, are beginning to gain traction amongst investors, where the growing student population will call for ever-increasing demand for accommodation and amenities.

Accessibility wise, the Ipoh-Lumut Highway runs through the town of Seri Iskandar, which leads up north to Batu Gajah, and finally the Ipoh city centre. The Ipoh-Lumut Highway also connects to Jalan Tronoh just beyond town, which heads east to Tanjung Thalang Road, where Tanjung Thalang and Kampar are reachable via the road. Down southwest in the other direction along the Ipoh-Lumut Highway are towns like Seri Tanjung, and eventually, Lumut.

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