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Properties for Sale in Mid Valley City

Mid Valley City is a mixed development located in Kuala Lumpur which consists of hotels, offices, shops and residential units. The boom of Mid Valley City began when the Mid Valley Megamall was launched in 1995 and and opened in 1999.

Part of the infrastructure that makes up Mid Valley City includes Northpoint, Mid Valley Megamall, The Boulevard, Centrepoint, The Gardens Mall, Cititel Hotel and Menara IGB.

Mid Valley City is touted to be the largest shopping mall in South-East Asia upon its completion, along with Asia’s largest cineplex of 18 halls of varying sizes. As such, traffic conditions at Mid Valley City is constantly congested during peak hours despite having several forms of public transportations.

With the addition of The Gardens Mall and The Gardens Hotel & Residences, the value of property within Mid Valley City immediately skyrocketed, catering exclusively to those of the elite income group.

Although there are no current plans for the development of Mid Valley City, the development of KL Eco City located across the Klang River from Mid Valley City is in progress and has also experienced a boost in property prices since its inception.

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