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Properties for Sale in Selayang

Located within the district of Gombak, Selayang is a large town located in in the state Selangor; of which a small part of the township falls under the administration of Kuala Lumpur.

Being a rather large and sprawling township, the area closer to the city is extremely busy and congested, while residents of the outskirts enjoys much nature. Some of the natural attractions of the township includes the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) parks, Commonwealth Forest Park and Resort and the Selayang Hot Springs.

While the older areas of Selayang consists of rather old and in some areas rather run-down terrace houses, the residential areas of the newer developments are comprised mainly of townhouses, condominiums, terrace houses and bungalows.

Despite facing steady development, there has been plenty of reports in the news regarding violent crimes. Several examples include a man who survived being shot at, a man who survived a violent robbery and several religion related murders between foreign Myanmar nationals.

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