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Kuala lumpur

Sri Hartamas is an affluent township under the jurisdiction of Kuala Lumpur. With plenty of expatriates and high net worth individuals and families living here, Sri Hartamas is also a preferred choice to some of the country’s elites.

Sharing almost the same eminence as Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas unlike other addresses which are under the federal territory is truly close to the heart of the city at within minutes drive of the city centre via highways.

It is considered to be a bit secluded from the public, with the seclusion making it a favourite of those who like their privacy. Due to the nature of Sri Hartamas being a preferred choice for expatriates, its residents are treated to a wide variety of shops which provides products of foreign origins. Additionally, the demography of Sri Hartamas is rather evenly spread and there is no clear majority of one ethnicity over the other.

As most of the residential areas in Sri Hartamas are gated and guarded, most of the criminal activities such as snatch-thefts and car break-ins occur in the commercial area; while child-kidnapping cases has also been known to happen around the international school areas.

Sri Hartamas has however seen a rise in traffic conditions in recent years, of which there have been many measures to alleviate the residents’ traffic woes including the construction of new roads, as well as the closure of some which were deemed to have worsened the traffic.

Nevertheless, traffic is generally clear at all times of the days with speed traps being common along the Sprint Highway near the National Science Museum; but due to the number of high rises in Mont Kiara which share the same road, traffic is generally congested after 5.30PM on weekdays.

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