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Originally a rubber plantation, Sri Petaling comes from a very humble beginning when it was turned into a landfill site in 1981 and continued to be one from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s. This suburb however had a turn of luck in 1998, when the garbage disposal was discontinued and the landfill site was turned into a parking lot and playground for the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

While Sri Petaling may at one point have been a more affordable choice of home in the city, prices and value of these homes have however increased momentously over the years due to its location and success of commercial hubs in the area. However, one major issue which has the residents concerned is the constant car-theft which happens around the commercial areas as well, close to the car showrooms and popular eateries.

Located south of the Happy Garden housing development, Sri Petaling’s immediate neighbours are Bukit Jalil and Kuchai Lama; both of which offer numerous eateries and shops as well, providing residents of Sri Petaling a comfortable lifestyle. While traffic may be extremely congested during peak hours, the roads are nevertheless very clear during off-peak hours, providing smooth travelling.

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