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Jalan 2/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
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Barbecue area
Mini market
Squash court
Swimming pool
Tennis court

De Tropicana is a condominium that is very strategically located in Kuchai, within walking distance to the NSK hypermarket and the Ajinomoto factory. As such, there is a large majority of tenants who are foreigners, making the original majority of Chinese tenants rather uncomfortable living here.

Because it is located at the entrance point of numerous major highways, residents of De Tropicana also experience constant air pollution; and because the high number of people who use the NSK road as a shortcut have no conscience, the road is perpetually congested during peak hours resulting in much noise pollution from cars blaring their horns.

Aside from that, the old management of this condominium ran away with all the resident’s money, and as such the new management is slowly picking up the threads and are attempting to upgrade the condominium; unfortunately hindered by numerous residents who do not pay up their dues, and owes the management a total excess of over RM200,000 in management fees.

Another issue that residents face is terrible and lousy security despite having changed the security team numerous times, with visitors constantly abusing the tenants parking lot by living their cars there overnight unpunished. While all this is going on, prices of De Tropicana are however miraculously creeping up.

Pet Friendly
Eco Friendly (GBI)
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OMG I live here and I hate it! It's so noisy, so polluted, so many NSK and Ajinomoto workers, weird ass people who smirk at you when you enter the lift, and traffic is unbelievably horrible during peak hours! Many GROs too, though I've to say that the GROs are... See More
amongst the nicest of the people who live here!!
stayed here for many years, everything is getting improve by day to days, especially the securities & facilities. thumbs up !!!
  • NIL
  • RM 180,000 - RM 500,000
  • RM 1,000 - RM 2,380
  • RM0.15psf
Built Up
928 SQ. FT - 1,067 SQ. FT
Land Title
Total Blocks
Total Storey
Total Units
Min. 1

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Transacted Prices

This is a representation of historical transaction prices within the property, categorised by non-landed (condominium, serviced apartment, apartment), landed (townhouse, terrace, bungalow, semi-detached, house) and commercial (office, shop). Below is a list of transacted data for De Tropicana over the last 24 months.

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Date Category Address Size Price Price (psf)
2020-07-17 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,067 SQ. FT RM 260,000 RM 243
2020-06-09 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,066 SQ. FT RM 240,000 RM 225
2020-05-20 Condominium xxxxxx, JALAN 2/116B 1,102 SQ. FT RM 380,000 RM 344
2020-05-08 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,130 SQ. FT RM 400,000 RM 353
2019-11-25 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,066 SQ. FT RM 390,000 RM 365
2019-11-20 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,066 SQ. FT RM 405,000 RM 379
2019-11-18 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,098 SQ. FT RM 360,000 RM 327
2019-11-18 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 990 SQ. FT RM 380,000 RM 383
2019-11-01 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,066 SQ. FT RM 360,000 RM 337
2019-10-18 Condominium xxxxxx✕, JALAN 2/116B 1,130 SQ. FT RM 330,000 RM 292

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Property Name Year of Completion Launch Price Ad Selling Price
De Tropicana 0 NIL RM 270,000 - RM 480,000
RM 262 psf - RM 449 psf
Far East Residence Dec 2021 RM 459,000 - RM 836,000 RM 438,000 - RM 708,000
RM 636 psf - RM 814 psf
UNO Promenade 2022 RM 467,500 - RM 746,200 RM 468,000 - RM 669,000
RM 575 psf - RM 677 psf
M Oscar 2023 From RM 428,000 RM 439,000 - RM 570,000
RM 627 psf - RM 679 psf
35 For Sale in De Tropicana 16 For Rent in De Tropicana 14 For Sale in Far East Residence 7 For Sale in UNO Promenade 8 For Sale in M Oscar

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Property Name Year of Completion Ad Selling Price Ad Rental Price Avg Transacted Price Avg Rental Yield (%)
De Tropicana 0 RM 270,000 - RM 480,000
RM 262 psf - RM 449 psf
RM 1,100 - RM 1,100 RM 350,500 (RM 325 psf) 4.19 %
The Court Jan 2016 RM 500,000 - RM 619,000
RM 469 psf - RM 690 psf
RM 1,400 - RM 1,400 NIL 3.41 %
The Leafz 2015 RM 390,000 - RM 2,493,180
RM 350 psf - RM 866 psf
RM 1,599 - RM 1,599 NIL 1.88 %
288 Residences Dec 2014 RM 540,000 - RM 728,000
RM 355 psf - RM 534 psf
RM 650 - RM 650 NIL 3.74 %
Arte KL July 2014 RM 559,000 - RM 1,100,000
RM 48 psf - RM 686 psf
RM 900 - RM 900 NIL 2.82 %
Le Yuan Residence 2014 RM 430,000 - RM 3,200,000
RM 480 psf - RM 877 psf
RM 1,800 - RM 1,800 NIL 5.38 %
Central Residence 2014 RM 235,700 - RM 780,000
RM 343 psf - RM 756 psf
RM 1,150 - RM 1,150 NIL 3.68 %
35 For Sale in De Tropicana 16 For Rent in De Tropicana 5 For Sale in The Court 9 For Rent in The Court 54 For Sale in The Leafz 39 For Rent in The Leafz 36 For Sale in 288 Residences 27 For Rent in 288 Residences

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Non-Landed Landed Commercial
0 - 500 SQ. FT - - -
500 - 1,000 SQ. FT RM 453 psf - RM 226 psf
1,000 - 1,500 SQ. FT RM 295 psf RM 445 psf RM 719 psf
1,500 - 2,500 SQ. FT - RM 411 psf RM 607 psf
2,500 - 4,000 SQ. FT - RM 354 psf RM 433 psf
4,000 SQ. FT and above - RM 128 psf -
Avg Recent Transactions
Last 100 Recent Transactions Recorded
RM 305 psf
Non Landed Properties
RM 296 psf
Landed Properties
RM 335 psf
Commercial Properties


  • This price analysis is to be used only as a reference. The accuracy of its data will improve over time as more data is collected.
  • 'Nearby distance' is based on 1 kilometre
  • Average Rental Yield takes into account an estimated amount of maintenance fees
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    Down Payment (10%) RM 18,000
    Loan Amount ( 90 %) RM 162,000
    Tenure Years 35 Years
    Interest Rate 4.85%
    Others (Estimation) RM 10,000
    Apply now
    Monthly Installment
    RM 3,000 ±
    Maintenance Fee
    RM 139 ±
    RM 0.15 psf (928 SQ. FT)
    Total Monthly Expenses
    RM 3,000 ±


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