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About Bukit Beruntung


Bukit Beruntung is a township developed by Talam Corporation Berhad, located near Serendah in Hulu Selangor and is accessible via a Bukit Beruntung Interchange of the North-South Expressway. Found within this township is the Bukit Beruntung Golf and Country Club.

Located within reach are public amenities like primary and secondary schools, a supermarket, grocer stores, a wet market, clinics, gas stations, and banks. It also has a main mosque as well as other places of worship for other township residents. As it is seen as a still-growing community, there is a lot of land left unowned and yet to be developed.

Naturally, traffic congestion is common for road users going to and coming from Bukit Beruntung. During peak hours, traffic gets worse as people are either driving to work or coming home from work.

The residents of Bukit Beruntung often work together to ensure the safety of its surroundings and the environment. This is due to an incident that occurred in July 2014, where a homemade bomb exploded in the service area of a bank in Melati Industrial Park.

Another bomb was found outside the bank but did not detonate and the bomb disposal squad successfully deactivated it. Another case occurred as a natural disaster where a landslide took place on Deepavali in the year 2014 where seven families were evacuated from their homes in Bukit Beruntung.

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