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Located within the prosperous neighbourhood of Bandar Utama is Casa Utama, a once medium cost townhouse which its value has appreciated over the years to become only affordable to the upper middle income group. While this townhouse is fairly popular amongst city dwellers for its lift facilities and availability of a swimming pool, it is undeniable that Casa Utama’s facade and facilities are rather old-school; making this townhouse suitable for those who do not wish to be overwhelmed with a myriad of modern and complicated facilities that they have no use for. There were however issues in early 2012, when the developers announced that they were going to build a hostel in the basement of Casa Utama. As stated by the residents, the ground floor to second floor of the development are the townhouses while Basement One to Basement Four are dedicated to commercial units such as cafes, offices and restaurants. Adding a hostel to the mix proved to be too much to the residents who worried that this development would worsen the already bad traffic in the area while also being a potential fire hazard as there are only two exits to each floor.

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