The Vacuum Cleaner with Pro-Cyclone Technology: 

Product Details: 

- The patented ā€œLā€-Shaped Pro-Cyclone Technology provides powerful suction and no loss of suction power even when the dust compartment is full.

- Our HEPA filter traps particles up to 0.3 microns and prevents these particles from leaving the exhaust flow.

- Designed with portability and convenience in mind, this lightweight and sleek vacuum cleaner can be stored and assembled easily.

- Extra extension pipes are provided to reach drapes and ceilings with ease.

- The mattress brush contains dual magnetic cotton straps and together with the ā€œLā€-Shaped Pro-Cyclone Technology, you can vacuum upholstery, bedding and mattresses to remove dust mites.

- The SHIMONO Vacuum Cleaner has no dust bag, and the canister and filters can be easily removed and washed with water to keep the vacuum cleaner hygienic.


- Easy to clean and manage. 

- No bags or filters to buy. 

- No extra costs necessary. 

- Built and tested to survive a lifetime (steel strainer). 

- Heavy-duty motor from Korea. 

- Small in size, beautiful and easy-to-carry SVC1015se Rocket Vacuum with more with five kinds of accessories including 180-degree rotating square brush, 360-degree rotating round brush, extending strip tube, bed brush and crevice tool pumping.


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