CENTON Shower Water Heaters

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 If you are on the lookout for a water heater to furnish your home, look no further and consider the CENTON Shower Water Heaters, powered by PentaFecta 5-Point Safety System. These water heaters feature a design that can shield you against dangerous situations such as electrical hazards and scalding hazards with maximum protection. 


- Built-in AC Booster Pump / DC Silent Pump [selected models] 

Boosting shower water flow as much as 4.5 times for bathrooms that do not have enough water pressure. 

 - Stepless Electronic Control 

Allows users to make fine power adjustment to produce desired shower temperature. 

- Splash-Proof Casing 

Protection against water jet spray from all possible directions. 

- Built-in RCD 

Mechanical type, double pole switch - Life-saving device which cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage, protecting users from from getting electric shock. 

 - Built-in Flow Sensor 

Cuts off power supply in the event where water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating. 

- Double Function Thermostat 

Additional manual reset function in the event of abnormal temperature rise, protecting users from the risk of scalding. 

Shower Accessories: 

- 5-spray Shower Hand Set (Standard) with adjustable spray heights, directions, modes and functions for optimum shower sensation 

- Rain Shower Set (Optional Upgrade for selected models only) for more luxurious shower experience 


CENTON Water Heaters are warranted to be free from defects under normal use. During the warranty period these parts shall be repaired or replaced if defective Heating Element (5 years) Motor and other Electrical & Electronic Parts (1 year) 

Additional Warranty: 

Register your warranty online via www.centon.my/warranty and you will receive an additional 1 year warranty!


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