The new gas cooktops with FlameSelect from BOSCH: 

 With FlameSelect, you’ll save yourself the guesswork. 

 While cooking with gas is delightful experience, there’s a lot of guesswork involved when it comes to adjusting the flame. BOSCH's new gas cooktops with 9 precisely defined heating levels let you adjust the strength of the flames easily and reliably. You no longer have to worry about checking the flame constantly or overcooking your food again. 


- 90-cm gas hob with integrated controls. 

- FlameSelect: For a precise adjustment of the flame in 9 defined levels. 

- Digital display: To indicate the selected power level and residual heat for more comfort and safety. 

- Dual-wok burner (including wok ring): Dual-flame system for very powerful cooking at up to 6 kW (depending on gas type). 

- Dishwasher-proof pan supports: For convenient cleaning in the dishwasher. 

- Glass-ceramic surface: Highly heat-resistant as well as easy to clean.


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