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Mersing is a seaside town in Johor. Ferries for offshore islands such as Pulau Tioman and Pulau Besar depart from the port in Mersing. Pulau Tioman is probably the most well-known of these islands, particularly for its scuba diving and snorkeling activities.

The town can also act as a base for those who would like to visit destinations like the Endau Rompin National Park, the Gunung Arong Recreational Forest, Endau, Teluk Buih, Air Papan and Penyabong. Many of these places, while off the beaten track, feature stunning natural landscapes and are well worth visiting. Thus, there is potential for homestay businesses in Mersing.

Buses travel to the town from many destinations in Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, as well as Singapore. For those who would like to visit various places within Mersing itself, it is definitely more convenient to have a car, especially to enjoy the coastal views when driving from one location to another.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to get around by walking, cycling or biking, as many attractions and amenities are situated close to each other by the seaside. In the vicinity of the town centre, you will be able to find a district hospital, banks, hotels, clinics, bistros, cafes, food stalls, mosques, wet markets, supermarkets, and several governmental department offices.

Schools and educational institutions serving the local community include Politeknik Mersing, which provides diploma courses in areas like electrical engineering and information technology, Giatmara, a training centre for technical and vocational courses, SK Sri Mersing, SK Bandar Mersing, SMK Anjung Batu, SMK Mersing, SK Sawah Dato’, Sekolah Agama Kampung Sawah Dato’ and Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Khairiah, Sekolah Agama Bukit Timbalan and SMJK Pai Chee.

The main trunk road in Mersing is Jalan Jemaluang, which joins Johor Bahru in the south. It also continues on northwards to Pekan and Kuantan in Pahang, and beyond to Kelantan and Terengganu. Other main roads in the town are Jalan Sekakap, Jalan Ismail, Jalan Sultanah, and the seaside road of Jalan Makam.

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