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Bangsar Overview


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Bangsar is usually described as an eclectic neighbourhood, great for people and car watching, an ever changing cafe/restaurant scene with an equally interesting mix of properties.

Coming from its rubber plantation origins, Bangsar (or Bunge-Grisar as it was known in the 1950s) has evolved to be a much sought after residential and commercial area. The area was developed in the mid 1960s with single storey terraced houses, and today it is packed tightly with the original built houses, large bungalows and many high-rises. Recent years have also seen large sized apartments being built in Bangar to cater to those who have moved into apartment type dwellings for security reasons. New developments usually sell quickly, due to the scarcity of new land parcels for development. Real estate negotiators are confident that property prices remain stable for the area.

Bangsar is well known for it’s Jalan Telawi area, which houses the Bangsar Village mall, and an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and cafes offering an ever- evolving menu of cuisine types. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Lucky Garden in Bangsar is home to both a night and morning market, local kopitiams, chinese medicine hall and a selection of food stalls and food trucks selling local food at affordable prices.

Bangsar has multiple shopping complexes including Bangsar Village I & II, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Telawi Square, KL Eco Mall, Gardens, and Mid Valley. Bangsar also houses multiple clinics, dentists, aestheticians, and Pantai Hospital. Parents can also find preschools and kindergartens in the neighbourhood and will only have to go to the next suburb for higher education options.

Perhaps surprisingly for a small urban location, Bangsar has a few walking routes as well as urban parks for those who need a break from the bustle. Kebun Kebun Bangsar is an urban farm open to the public, home to cows, ducks, and peacocks among others.

Bangsar is very well connected to other parts of the city, with quite a few exit routes. There are also 2 MRT stations available. Traffic congestion is the norm, given its small geographical make up and diverse population.

What Bangsar Locals Feel

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What Bangsar Locals Say

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I love living here

9 months ago



One of the top spot for expats and foreign tourists in Klang Valley. Everything from food, books etc are rather expensive here since it cater to the upper income group and expatriates. Plenty of malls...

about 3 years ago

Photo  26

David Wong

Strategically located. Self contained housing estate with malls, shops, medical centres and amenities. Good demographics of middle and upper income population and popular with expatriates.

about 3 years ago

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Rakmal Aceakl

nice city

over 4 years ago

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Good location. Even its full with foreign, but i like because community that area very responsible and friendly. We feel safe.

over 5 years ago

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Loke Moy

I love my community with dedicated residents running the association bringing about security wardens to our now gated environment. we are encouraged to meet with one another, knowing our neighbours. R...

over 6 years ago

Secret garden


Bangsar came as a great disappointment to me, I expected more from this place touted to be an expat area. The immediate shopping malls in the vicinity are a disgrace, and its only saving grace is Tela...

almost 8 years ago

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Bangsar used to be at the top of my list for places to live in, but after seeing the traffic, its completely off my list now! Traffic is beyond horrendous! It has a pretty wide and decent range of eat...

almost 8 years ago

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I agree with Sheu Quen, Bangsar was a quiet and safe place to live in and a peaceable community. Now it is a thoroughfare for commuters between KL and PJ. It is especially unavoidably jam due to the c...

almost 8 years ago

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Moh Goh

Traffic and parking here is a nightmare. But there are a lot of eateries around Jalan Telawi.

about 8 years ago


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About This Map

Analysis and comparison of average transaction, for sale and for rent prices for landed, non-landed and commercial properties within Bangsar *

* To provide you the most accurate information some columns may appear as ‘Insufficient Data’ due to insufficient transactions in the area

Non-Landed Landed Commercial
Avg Transacted Price
Avg Transacted Price(Psf)
Avg For Sale Listing Price
Avg For Sale Listing Price(Psf)
Avg For Rent Listing Price
Avg For Rent Listing Price(Psf)

This is a representation of historical transaction prices within the neighbourhood, categorised by non-landed (condominium, serviced apartment, apartment), landed (townhouse, terrace, bungalow, semi-detached, house) and commercial (office, shop).

Did you know?

Transacted Prices will give you an idea of the neighbourhood’s property price trend.

Did you know?

An ethnic group or ethnicity is a socially defined category of people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, social, cultural or national experience. (Wikipedia)

* Data obtained from official source.

Consumer Price Index

This is a representation of Kuala Lumpur Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the year of 2011 - 2015

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A consumer price index (CPI) measures changes in the price level of a market basket of consumer goods and services purchased by households. (Wikipedia)


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