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Agency : CNH Realty Sdn Bhd ( E(1)1509)

I am Andy, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from CNH Realty Sdn Bhd with a minimum of 5 years experience in the real estate industry.

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Cyberjaya is aiming to become a low-carbon city. I personally stay in cyberjaya, i love the environment here. it is the mixture of modern and nature city. When you wake up in the morning, you can hear the bird chirping, can smell the fresh air, can see dew on the leaf.

By chance, i notify that Hanhwa (korean base world top 500 company) is expanding there business here, set up factory, hiring a lot of korean from korea, setting up korean school right opposite their base, besides this, there are still many more to talk about cyberjaya.

for those who are interested to know more about the detail of this city, please feel free to ask.

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Ronald your description sound like agent is a prostitute...kena rape by owner gao gao >_<

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Many still think that cyberjaya is an "ulu" place where nobody lives in, and very far away from city. But the fact isn't that. Let me show you what's the fact.
1. If i want to go KLCC from Cyberjaya, it took about 7 - 15 mins (depends on your driving speed) to Bukit Jalil, 10-18mins to Kuchai lama, 20 to 30 mins reach klcc via MEX highway. The only drawback is i need to pass minimum 1 tol which cost me RM3.5 now, there's another tol further up if i want to reach kl city faster. or else by taking sg besi highway will consume alot of time cause it always jam there =(

2. If i want to go airport, it takes me 20 to 30 mins also depends on your driving speed.

So, strategically saying, Cyberjaya is actually sited in between KL city centre and KLIA. It is a infrastructure readied township, and recent 5 years there are many developers came in building a lot of new developments. Some of them are completed, and the owners here are enjoying high rental return. I interviewed numbers of owners here, they were shocked that the rental can fetch that high compare their other places properties.

For example, shaftsbury residence.
A studio suite, 463sf, average launching price was about RM250,000, currently lowest rental for studio is RM1300, highest is RM2000. in return, their ROI is 6.24% - 9.6% !!

1 bedroom, 639sf, average launching price is about RM350,000, currently rental for 1 bedroom is RM1500 to RM2400, ROI 5.14% - 8.2% !!

I have many foreign investors seeing this figure, they wanna buy bulk with me but sadly, our government does not allowed. minimum foreign buying cap in cyberjaya is RM2 million!

TO readers out there, if you are still looking for high rental return property, please look into cyberjaya as well. when you think of cyberjaya, please think of me. Ring me up, i will explain the past and future of cyberjaya for your reference and information.

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