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Want to start a thread to talk about haunted houses / condos / flat so you will not be unfortunate to end up staying in one!

BRDB Verdana 6th Floor - I heard foreign worker got murdered in condo while still under construction...
Mont Kiara Bayu 13th Floor - Japanese couple died, electrocuted in their bath due to short circuit heater.
Mont Kiara Bayu 19th Floor - Chopped up body found in refrigerator of a unit up for auction.


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@Jeff Maxis, not necessarily. There are owners who don't believe in all this superstition who won't mind. I came across a few before. Chinese will usually mind. Haha!

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We watch too many Chinese Zombie movies... LoL

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@domng  Vampire you mean? Haha

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@LiKaShing good sharing