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When you’re swamped with bills, it’s hard to target what exactly is hiking up your costs. Your electricity bill in particular, is the hardest to keep track of. By only providing you with ever changing rates and vague numbers, how will you pinpoint where you need to cut down? Well, here are some tips on what might be causing that steep electricity bill.

1. Vampire Appliances

Consider this, the more devices plugged into your home, the more electricity is being produced to power your house. Similar to how Dracula sucks the blood out of his victims, your “vampire appliances” may be sucking out the electricity from your home. Whether you are using them or not, as long as they are plugged in, power is being drawn out. Think about how many devices are being used at one time; TV, computer, phone charger, blender, coffee machine, air conditioner. Tally up how many of them are plugged in, that’s how much power is being used.

A good way to overcome this is to make sure you unplug devices when you are not using them. Yes, even chargers that aren’t connected to anything can draw out power. If you aren’t using it, unplug it and make sure everyone else at home does the same. It’s a minor thing but it can definitely make a difference in the amount of power being used at home.

2. Standby Mode

Sure, standby mode seems like a quick and easy enough option when you aren’t using your device, but, you’re still using power. Putting your TV or computer on standby mode may leave them in a ready-to-use state, but it comes at the price of your high electricity bill. Studies have shown that leaving products on standby can use up to 5-10% of power. Think of how much power is being generated from appliances not even in use!

If you aren’t using an appliance for a period of time, the best option is to turn it off. Better yet, unplug it. Look around your house and check on what else may be on standby mode like your microwave, washing machine and computer devices like printers. Turn them off if they are not in use.

3. Keep Track

What is the best solution to figuring out your electricity cost? By tracking the numbers, of course! Get a low-cost watt-meter to help you identify which outlets are using the most power and try to balance out the amount of gadgets connected to it. Avoid using your devices while they are charging as it just uses up more electricity. Charging your appliances overnight may also drive up your electricity bill.

Keep these little habits in mind. They are small but can result in a huge difference in cost. Start the habit of unplugging devices from their sockets. Appliances that are rarely in use should be unplugged. Familiarizing yourself with what is taking up the most of the electricity in your home can help you cut down.

4. Go Green

Saving the environment can also save your electricity bill. Make full use of Mother Earth and turn off the lights at home when it’s still light outside. Cut down on air conditioning 24/7, especially during rainy seasons when the weather outside is much cooler. Don’t leave your fans or air conditioners running when you aren’t in the room. Don’t forget to turn the lights off too. You don’t need to have all of your lights on just because it’s dark outside. Instead, try leaving only a few lights on in your living space and turning off all lights in individual rooms when not in use.

Set a timer for your air conditioning; don’t leave them on all night. Don’t forget to turn everything off including any outlets. Turning switches off is not only more eco-friendly, it’s cost efficient too.

5. Turn Off Your Internet

Having a PC at home could be the main cause of your steep electricity bill. But, did you know that it isn’t your plugged-in devices that are causing the hike in your power consumption? Instead, it’s the internet! According to the International Energy Agency, about $80 billion (RM344 billion) per year, is being wasted by internet-connected devices worldwide (e.g. modems, wireless printers, gaming consoles and etc.). Up to 80% of your PC's power consumption is being used to keep these devices connected to the internet. Notice how when you use multiple apps with your mobile data on your phone, the battery runs out faster? The same thing applies to your home PC.

Turning off your PC when you aren’t using it is important, but if you absolutely cannot shut it down, at least turn off the internet. You can either directly turn off your network or, the simpler option, set it on “flight mode”. This helps turn your network on and off with just a single button.

6. Device Charging Frenzy

Look around your home. How many chargers are being plugged in at this very moment? Laptops, phones, portable game systems, MP3 players, tablets, and so on. All of these devices are using power, and their chargers itself are using up a huge sum of power. If nothing is being charged, unplug it. Avoid charging too many things at once. Not only is that bad for your electricity bill, it can also cause overheating which may blow a fuse.

An important tip is to not charge your devices if they aren’t on low battery. Charging your devices when the battery is still at a reasonable rate is wasteful and it also harms the battery life span of your device. Once your device is fully charged, turn it off. Don’t leave them on overnight, and avoid overcharging. Some devices are able to turn off charging once the battery is full, but unplug it anyway as it may still cost you power.

So, the next time you get your electricity bill, evaluate how much power you are using instead of blaming your energy provider. Look around your home and keep a look out for these factors. Don’t forget to keep your household in the loop on where to cut down. Changing certain habits may be difficult at first, but the major savings on your electrity bill will guarantee a change for the better.

Do you have other alternative ways to reduce electricity usage at home? Share with us in the comment section below!

(Written by: Putri Alya, 30th June 2017)


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