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Believe it or not

Rusty metal gates, peeled paint, creaky doors... is that your idea of a haunted house? Whether you believe in the other dimension or not, there’s no doubt that you will certainly avoid such a property, what more consider buying one.

Properties which have a grim past like death from murders and suicides are more likely to be stigmatised as “haunted”, given the common belief, where if a person was murdered in the house or died in an unruly manner, their spirit or bad energy will be left in the house, haunting it as an “evil spirit” or “ghost”.

Gruesome murder sites to now famously “haunted” homes

One of the most well-known of haunted houses in Malaysia has got to be the Mona Fandey house. Said to be a strong practitioner of black magic, Mona Fandey convinced then Batu Talam state assemblyman, Mazlan Idris to lie down on the floor of her home, and close his eyes to wait for money to shower down on him. As he lay there, she cold-bloodedly chopped off his head, before cutting up his body into 18 parts and burying them in a storeroom near her home.

The topic of supernatural phenomenons is popular amongst Malaysians, where its fair share of murders, suicides, and even disasters which killed many, have even given way to this list of Top 8 Haunted Spots in Malaysia! But how true are stories and accounts of hauntings and are there really haunted houses?

Check out what people have to say about haunted places here.

“Haunted” houses can be made

Though the status of a “haunted” house may be debatable, most stories of these hauntings are usually hearsay and urban legends born from the words of others. In most scenarios of “haunted” properties, these units are commonly branded as “haunted” due to the way they look.

“Haunted” houses are typically properties which have either not been well-maintained, or left abandoned for the longest time, creating an unfavourable scene. Overgrown grass, walls ridden with water stains, structures that are falling apart… these are all the elements which make up a “haunted” house. It is only natural that residents living within the vicinities of a property like that may speculate seeing unexplainable things, causing the shroud of mystery to grow even deeper.

From horror to home

Despite its past, there’s no saying that a “haunted” or stigmatised home cannot be saved. Should the structure of the home still be favourable, there’s always the option to “evict” its supernatural tenants, through mediums such as priests, pastors, monks, alternative healers, spiritual healers, and so on as according to your beliefs.

These simple “cleansing” rituals, may help you or even potential buyers feel more at ease, and provide a positive boost when re-marketing the house to the market. However, if the image of its past continues to haunt, there’s always the radical option of demolishing the entire house and building a new one altogether as a way to gain a fresh start.

Turning fear into financial opportunity

Where there is fear, there is opportunity for the daring as well. Take a lesson from brilliant entrepreneurs and organizations that make full use of the history of these stigmatised properties, and establish these haunts as tourist attractions or museums.

There aren’t many haunted attractions in Malaysia currently, so it may be a promising investment that some individuals may consider venturing into. An example of a location considered “haunted” which was turned into a tourist attraction due to its dark past is the Penang War Museum in Bukit Maung, Penang. Records suggest that there were a large number of beheadings and bloodshed in this fortress during the Japanese invasion of Malaya, which have been thought to be the reason behind sightings of headless men and eerie cries. Even with all the grim history behind it, the Penang War Museum has become a well-known attraction, with tourists from all over the globe eager to visit.

Besides that, there are also other ways to make it even more interesting, such as turning it into a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast experience, or even a fun spot for “haunted” adventure games.

The beauty of a “haunted” home or area with a very grim history or past is that you can use its dark past to your advantage. With the right marketing techniques of engagement, these “haunted” homes can easily become the talk of town. Though some home owners may not be open to buying a stigmatised house to begin with, but you’ll never who may look at it as a form of investment.

The value of “haunted” properties

Perception is what drives demand and ultimately, even the price. When it comes to “haunted” houses, psychological factors are the determining point of their value, rather than the physical outlooks or conditions of the property in general.

Usually, many of these “stigmatised properties” are physically and structurally sound, but are commonly valued 10% to 20% less than what they can actually ask for. Studies even found that home prices decrease by about 4.4 percent if they’re located within 0.2 miles of a stigmatised property.

A good buy for those who dare

Individuals who are not afraid of the grim history tied behind the property should be adamant on buying the property at a discounted price, it is a perfect opportunity to buy a home at slightly lower-than-market price.

In Malaysia, there is no legal ruling for real estate agents or the previous owners to disclose the complete history of the house. At times, even if you do ask, they may not even be compelled to disclose it entirely. As such, whether you have superstitions or beliefs which prevent you from buying a house with a dark past or not, you should always do your due diligence when buying a property which has been around for some time.

On top of that, being well-informed of the history of the property can also help you in negotiating the price of the house and determine whether you are comfortable with the valuation of the property.


Though it may be something out of the ordinary to consider purchasing a property that has been stigmatised or considered “haunted”, it may well be a good opportunity to buy at slightly more affordable prices and even make some daring investment and business choices, while a little “cleansing” or outright building a new home over the site can also do the trick.

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(Written by: JL Chong, 17th July 2017)


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