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before that i rented out all my house as rent a whole house. when the tenant move out, i has to foot out so much money for repair, touch up before getting a new tenants.
It will cause me downtime of rental collecting during repair work month, after rent it out, agent took my first month rent.
So today i has change concept, i just do room renting.
It is more ROI, easy to manage, easy to get tenants.


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Hmm, I just it's depend on luck too, some good tenants are willing to rent the whole house. But @msl3099, is that room renting also will be quite troublesome as in every time have to find for new tenant if they leave?

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@msl3099, ya...u are right, but rent for a room usually oso nid wait for quite long only get the tenant. Unless ur area is always demanding

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my place is in Taman Sentosa Klang, a place location between Hicom Shah Alam and Bukit Tinggi Klang. renting out room is within a week. very hot demanding. Room rate here cheaper than nearby area.