Financial or freedom
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When we talk about Financial Freedom,

what would the 1st thing is your mind?

Is Financial or Freedom?

80% people will choose financial.

Like when u have enough money, you can buy whatever you want.

But the CORE Value of this words is FREEDOM,

which the reason u earn money because you need more money.

It is because that u can decrease the restriction of money.

You  have the Power of Choices.

You can choose whether want to work today.

You can reject to do the thing u are not willing to.

You can choose to do the thing you not like.

How to achieve Financial FREEDOM?

When your passive income is more than your lifestyle expenses.

Passive income example :

- Stocks Interest


-Intellectual property rights

- Property Investment

We are not  necessary to be success like Bill Gate,

But we need to follow on our heart.

Just think about it.

What is your DESIRE in your life?

Can Financial FREEDOM achieve what you want?

If the answer is YES,

Let set Financial FREEDOM as your life target now!

That is my small sharing, Hope u all will like it.


Your passive income in property is my mission! 


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Sometimes, I believe in having a bit of luck and having the right connections. It can really differentiate between total success and absolute failure.

All the best in our Financial Freedom journey!

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@planaresidence thanks for sharing