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Are you looking for interior design inspiration for your new home? Then take a look at these nine homes in Shah Alam which make a great first, second and third impressions.

1. With a soothing colour theme and splendid details that give the home a luxurious appeal, this home speaks of comfort and intimacy with an overall grandeur.

Interior Designer: A & A Concept Design & Contract Sdn Bhd

Location: Setia Alam

2. A little quirky, a little industrial – this home is full of character! A living area with a fun retro vibe, a brick-wall lounge area, and the stylish bedroom are made complete with the owner’s keepsakes.

Interior DesignerYong Studio
Location: Alam Impian

3. This two-bedder condo is intimate and cosy – a perfect first home for newlyweds! Potted flowers in every room add a touch of homeliness and country vibes, while an open layout gives it a spacious look and feel.

Interior DesignerBonnieblue Interiors

Location: Vista Alam

4. Every nook and corner of this home is simply stunning. From the edgy use of wood to the mix of textures and patterns, with designer furniture pieces and carefully curated home decor.

Interior DesignerThe Roof Studio

Location: Alam Impian

5. A luxurious setting and impressive home decor – this home has it all! The cool grey/silver tones is classy and elegant with a touch of contemporary design.

Interior DesignerID Industries
Location: Setia Alam

6. Nothing like a pop of colour to give your home a little charm. Carefully curated unconventional furniture, art pieces and potted plants blend in to create a luxurious look.

Interior DesignerKlaas Design and Build

Location: Setia Alam

7. With the right lights and stylish chrome details – this home is unpretentious with its elegant furniture yet looks clean, pristine and classy in white.

Interior DesignerA Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Location: Setia Damai

8. Darkwood and black linear details contrast with the same darker-tone furniture and finishing. But it’s not all grim and dim – with bright natural light flushed in, the home looks classy and modern.

Interior DesignerCore Design Workshop

Location: Shah Alam Terrace

9. Organised and uncluttered, this home offers a minimalist appeal. Platform lights extend from the tatami-style rest corner in the living room to the bedroom.

Interior DesignerSurface R
Location: Bukit Jelutong

This article was first published on Qanvast, an interior design platform for homeowners passionate about their home design. Download the free app to get inspired by thousands of local home ideas and connect with interior designers.


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