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Every year, there are an exciting array of property fairs being organized across the nation. And as always, it will be flooded with property agents and developers promoting their latest projects. For regular expo visitors, they'll say that with all that is happening within these expos, time is at stake. As the saying goes, time lost is never regained.

Use your time wisely, folks! Let’s not mix business with pleasure. Put your game face on and inspect through those developments that may be of interest to you.

The best strategies to apply during this spectacle are as elaborated below!

1. Your Financial Fortitude


Before entering property expos, a person should reassess his or her financial capabilities. That includes their spending power and the range of property prices that may suit their current financial state. Once you have a rough figure between your financial commitments and your ideal property price, head out to these expos to identify the right price range for you.

Get to the right booths and seize those brochures the agents give you. You might want to get the contact details of agents instead of leaving down your details, so that you won't get spammed with messages regarding properties worth way beyond your affordability price range. Trust us, you do not want to wrongly invest a unit that may spell a future filled with high debt amount.

2. Q&A Effectively!


At these property fairs, make sure the important questions are cleared from the list. This includes enquiries in regards to the price, location, completion date, tenure and the past projects of the developer. Avoid engaging agents where they so all the talking, ensure that a two-way conversation is carried out to enable effective understanding as a customer. With this method, you’ll get a better picture of the type of property you’re eyeing at.

The idea is pretty simple just like a student in a class asking the teacher questions relating to the subject. In this case, it is you as the student and them as the teachers. Utilise their presence well. Furthermore, if the customer has time to spend, by all means, proceed to grind the agents with your own sets of questions. I’m sure you have customised versions of questionnaires to be answered.

Who knows? There may be hidden gems or precious info that may spike your interest!

3. Be A Little Patient


Patience is the best policy, right? Okay, well we made that up. Here it goes…. Patience is a virtue! It’s true especially at these fairs that can get complicated by the number of activities happening around us. Agents are present at their booths to present the necessary or attractive stories relating to their developments. Often enough, many customers are guilty of cutting in a promoter’s property pitch and getting their enquiries answered, ultimately lacking in some other important aspects.

Give the agents the chance to present or pitch their business model. There’s probably a scale model that’s set up to show the client the structure of the given development and the amenities surrounding it. Essential details such as the current sales package together with the price discounts available may all of a sudden suit the customer’s desired price range. Therefore, as a property detective, trust the process and become the best listener at these expos. Then, conduct a Q&A effectively to clear further doubts.

4. Get Packed


Majority of the population head out to these exhibitions with no proactiveness in mind. To be on the better side of the minority, get packed and get ready for what’s coming at you at these places. Brochures will definitely be aplenty there, so get a backpack or a “goodie bag” to bring around with you. If you’re lucky, yes, you may be given a bag over there to carry these booklets. Despite the chances of being presented with one, better be prepared than not, right?

Here’s the cool part, with a backpack, you can bring your titbits and bottled drinks to munch away and remain hydrated. Bring along a notepad and most importantly, a calculator so you do not mess up on the calculation side of things. We’re not just talking about things here! Invite your buddy or a companion along too especially one who is familiarised with the property industry. There is nothing better than having a wiser individual with you at all times during this moment.

5. Laser Focused


There will be many booths with their own sets of attractive property packages. Exciting offers which include discounts and incentives given to the buyer may cause many heads to turn. It just means that their marketing is on point! For the customers, it is of absolute importance that they remain focused and goal-driven in their search for the ideal types of properties.

They may also come across properties that seem just too good to be true with the price and the type of property. Be sceptical and question the agent. In this digital age, it is advisable to conduct a Google search for better clarity as well. In fact, agents usually welcome the customers for a site visitation to have a better feel and visualisation of the given unit and its location.

Nonetheless, slap yourselves out of it and keep pursuing factual information that guarantees a greater prospect.


Whether on the go or going with the flow, customers are better off exploiting these events to their advantage. Most of these events only occur a few times a year. With that being said, use your detective skills just like Sherlock Holmes’ to detect what’s happening at the moment, and what’s coming for the future in the property industry.

(Written by Sathish Veera, 3rd April 2018)


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