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You’ve got the keys, your bags packed, and now it’s time to call in the moving guys! But wait - are you sure you’ve got everything covered? Did you know that little things like sleeping facing mirrors and singing in the kitchen could spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for your family’s new home life? Here are 6 new home superstitions to bear in mind before you officially move in!

#1 Anything with the number ‘4’ is bad luck.

In Mandarin and Cantonese, the pronunciation of the number ‘4’ means death. That’s why you see buildings or houses named 3A or 13A instead of 4 and 14. Although the number 4 means bad luck in Chinese culture, other cultures consider it a lucky number and don’t mind having a home address with the said number.

That being said, if you’re a superstitious person, you might want to steer clear of house numbers or floor numbers with the number 4.

#2 Sitting on pillows will give you butt-pimples!

We’re not too sure how this superstition originated either… But the notion is that sitting down on pillows equates to laziness or not working hard, hence, that’s why butt-pimples occur? What do you think this superstition translates to?

*Note: These pillows refer to throw pillows that are used for decoration or to place on the couches. Normal sofa pieces are fine!

#3 Do not give clocks or sharp items as presents.

This is an important tip for housewarming gifts! Don’t present clocks to your friends as gifts, as it symbolizes that their time is up a.k.a. you are sending them to their grave. Presenting sharp items to them (like scissors, knives, etc.) on the other hand, symbolizes the cutting of ties, as in friendship ties.

#4 Sing in the kitchen, marry an old man.

An old wives’ tale meant to scare young ladies, it was told that if you sing in the kitchen, you would marry an old man. Although we’re not quite sure how that correlates, it can be surmised that the girls’ singing may distract them from cooking and burn the food.

#5 Don’t sleep facing the mirror.

A popular feng shui philosophy that carries the idea that when when we are asleep, our soul leaves our body. When it sees its reflection in the mirror, it may be confused and attempt to ‘possess’ the mirror reflection instead. Is that the reason why we’re so tired in the morning when we wake up? Just maybe…

When moving in, take note the placement of your furniture, especially your mirror and bed. Read more about home Feng Shui here!

#6 Don’t play musical chairs while eating.

Frequently switching places while eating (in one session) could be a prediction of your marital fortune! If you alternate between the dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen - all while eating - it means you will get married to many people. Elders would use this superstition to scare their children to eat in just one position, and maybe that’d be beneficial too in this age of technology where the TV and handphone constantly beckon!

To conclude, these old wives’ tales and superstitions may be obsolete in this day and age, but it doesn’t mean we don’t pay heed to it anymore. It may benefit us in ways more than one, and nevertheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry. ‘Don’t change places while you’re eating’ may predict your future love life, but it’s good advice to heed so that the family gets to dine and spend quality time together. 

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(Written by: Ashley Ooi, 24th May 2018)


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Actually, number 4 is considered good for Malays as it resembles sitting with legs crossed. "Goyang kaki" in malay means shake leg for easy life. Don't know how true that is but most Malays that own single digit car plate numbers love number 4. Also, empat= dapat.

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Yes agree with you. However in high rise properties, we still see 3A instead of 4, and 13A instead of 14. 

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@audng13 WOW! i never knew that. next time i can tell my bumi client like that. haha

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing