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Change is in the air as Malaysia moves into 2019, with analysts projecting a gradual recovery for the market in the year ahead. This recovery will likely begin after Chinese New Year, as developers launch new projects and promotional campaigns.

In the spirit of the festive season, and keeping in mind the priority given to feng shui by property developers as well as home seekers, today’s PropSocial article examines the cosmic influences guiding the property market today, courtesy of Yap Cheng Hai Academy’s Master Yap Boh Chu!

The coming storm

As the Year of the Earth Dog lays its head to slumber, the Year of the Earth Pig will begin on 5 Feb. In general, this year’s zodiac animal connotes prosperity and comfort, balanced by the practicality and solidity of the Earth element.

However, the two together can imply a slow year ahead, as supported by analyst outlooks. This is also seen in the zodiac itself, with the Boar taking 12th place as it arrived last at a party held by the Jade Emperor, the “first deity” in Chinese tradition.

The Jade Emperor was not endeared to the Boar’s tardiness.

When it comes to property, Master Yap notes that 2019 will still likely pose challenges to both sellers and buyers. Developers are facing an overhang in residential units, while buyers will need to do their homework to choose the right locations, pull factors and deals for their purchases.

In terms of feng shui, the outlook for the year is affected by the energies of celestial bodies, unlike feng shui for the home, which is fine-tuned to the energies from the landscape and geographical features surrounding a property.

“These celestial energies work with the existing energies of the Earth to impact the overall feng shui outlook. The dominant elements this year are earth and water, with wind blowing over both, which means we will be experiencing more typhoons and storms, as opposed to the earthquakes of last year,” says Master Yap.

Master Yap foresees storm-tossed seas ahead for the property market.

“When you have a lot of wind and water, you get a storm-tossed sea, tumultuous and unpredictable. Home seekers and investors will need to be really on the ball to steer their way through the waves affecting the market, while capturing the wind to their advantage.”

Property perspectives

Master Yap notes that, similar to how earth with too much water is unstable, any building sitting on this type of land will also face problems. However, as earth needs water to foster growth, he adds that there will still be opportunities in the market for savvy purchasers.

From the developer perspective, all this translates to more demanding buyers. Here, building projects along good feng shui principles will make them more attractive to homeseekers and investors.

In addition, landed properties have the best feng shui, according to Master Yap, as they are closer to the ground and its earth energies. In addition, units with higher ground at the rear, and which do not face crossroads or sharply pointed structures, have better energy flows.

Long, narrow hallways are considered to have stagnant energy flows.

Purchasers of residential high-rise assets, however, should be wary of units with balconies facing a swimming pool or doors opening out into a long corridor, staircase or elevator. From the buyer point of view, though, Master Yap cautions that properties with good feng shui are rarely cheap.

Feng shui cures for the abode

So what can homeowners do to better manage the flows of energies in their home in the coming year? Master Yap shares that he tailors his advice based on the beliefs and backgrounds of the individual. For example, Daoist practitioners would utilise Bagua mirrors for protection purposes.

For general use, he recommends the use of three or four “neutral” items such as wind chimes, crystals and simple metal elements, like horseshoes. These are more versatile than common feng shui cures such as money frogs, which may not have meaning for those without traditional Chinese backgrounds.

Wind chimes are versatile feng shui cures suitable for a wide range of homes.

“People often have a misconception that there is ‘bad’ chi, or energy flow. Energy is neutral, it’s neither good nor bad. But the problem is that it can have detrimental effects if it is tapped incorrectly,” he says.

“The South West and North East areas are less auspicious this year. These ares need metal to counterbalance these energies. I would recommend a wind chime in these areas so that they can catch some wind and make noise outdoors. Indoors, a metallic object such as a glass cup half full of coins can do the job.”

Another effective cure is salt and water in a bowl or similar container. These elements can be easily found and are inexpensive to purchase. Meanwhile, crystals and water features are also popular, but can be costly.

While the placement and positioning of these simple cures is best managed with guidance from a feng shui consultant, they have the benefit of being effective not just in the Year of the Earth Boar, but in other years as well.

Aside from feng shui cures, given the storm warnings, perhaps Malaysian homeowners should look into flood and disaster coverage for their properties?

You can find out more about Master Yap’s consultation services here. Master Yap has diverse experience in the field, and has also done readings for various property projects, from local towns such as Bandar Utama, to abroad, such as the Taman Memorial Graha Sentosa in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Europe.

(By Aliff Yusri, 5 Feb 2019)

What’s your take on feng shui in the Year of the Earth Boar? Let us know below.


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Feng Shui also known as Chinese Geomancy, is to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

May this Chinese New Year bring forth good fortune & prosperity; excellent health & wealth; abundant joy & laughter to all my dear friends. Stay blessed!!!   

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Thanks for sharing. Anyway, wishing us all the best in this new year!