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It’s that time of the year once again, for Malaysian households to renovate, declutter and redecorate, in time for the festive season. 

However, when most individuals even think about sprucing up, the key cringe is with regard to the cost that would be allocated, to successfully transform any space within one’s home.

Before getting started, you should first visualise the type of lifestyle that you would like to experience in the coming year, this is to ensure that you have a vision for yourself as it will be reflected in the outcome.

Source: https://www.moneysmartguides.com

Marie Kondo, is an interior design expert popular for implementing hacks such as decluttering and tidying, practised through simple methods that may have not crossed your mind before.

Getting rid of the old, preserving the current and implementing the new - that’s the Marie Kondo way.

This method is now a universal technique whereby the industry experts, especially from Japan, teach people around the world to declutter individual homes and re-organise with unconventional DIY tactics.

These methods are proven with the success of Kondo's best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (published in 2014).

Source: https://www.downsizing.com.au

If you are a hoarder and admit to owning several unused items in your home, we strongly suggest that you should continue reading.

Since these methods are proven and continually improve the lives of many, let us now motivate you!

You are now probably at the edge of your seat, wondering how one’s home can be renovated without a huge sum of money being spent. Well, here’s the secret.

Step 1 - The KonMari Method

Source: https://www.netflix.com/title/80209379

One should not organise or decorate your home according to its function, for example, a master bedroom, guest bedroom, or storeroom instead one should furnish a room according to what is going to be stored in each space by category for example; clothing, books, paper documents and sentimental items.

You need to focus on organizing your home by the categories of items, instead of organising your home by categories specific rooms. For example, these categories are; clothing, books, paper documents, sentimental items.

Step 2 - Do It Yourself

  Source: https://www.womansday.com

Use organizational boxes, crates and/or containers to create hanging or wall shelves. Separate these storage options based on the items that it would hold.

Step 3 - Wardrobe

  Source: https://getaway.10best.com/

Instead of the conventional method of folding, one could try rolling your clothes as it saves so much space! Always ensure that shirts, pants and dresses are hung and it is best to organise your clothes, based on category and not colour, as that is an efficient means of getting dressed.

Step 4 - Kitchen

  Source: https://getaway.10best.com

It was once a trend to keep everything in the kitchen on display, however, now with the new Nordic style trending, it is best to organise the condiments that you use for cooking, into small containers and store them in a cabinet that is easily accessible from your stove while you whip up a meal.

Step 5 - Throw it Out

So now that you have discovered what you would use on a day to day basis, organise your home in accordance with your daily routine.

We sincerely hope, by this point that you would have segregated the items that you would not need - ready for it to be donated.

In addition, with the various services available today - you can hire help to assist with the decluttering process as we understand that the process can indeed be tiresome.

Keeping a home minimalistic, always feels great especially when one intends to entertain guests. Remind yourself that decluttering and organising, could even make you a more positive person!

Now that your home is spruced up, a do-it-yourself paint job will add that extra ‘umpf’ if really needed.

Practice keeping essentials and renovating will be a thing of the past. All you would have to do is as simple as rearranging and decluttering.

Thus, we hope Marie Kondo has managed to inspire you to improve your home and your life - without having to worry about hefty renovation bills.

(by Mae-Ziele Joseph, 25 April 2019)

Which room in your house are you going to "Marie Kondo" yourself? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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Thanks for sharing...organising one's home is really a lot of works

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It's a practical guide book by Marie Kondo. Applicable in everyday life. Everyone need to learn to organise and to also tidy up room, work area at all times. 

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We have been practicing the minimalist concept and donated things that we do not need over the years. Goo to know about the Marie Kondo concept.