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Hi, anyone here know what is the difference between these three? Thanks :)


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@vince2602 If these terms are not stated in the S&P, is that legal? Because the S&P is a legal document, right?

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Lee, the name of property given on the sales brochures may not be used in the S&P, pls chk with the lawyers on the legality of it.
But, we all know that for any development, says terrace houses, the developer may give phase 1 a fancy name like "Summerhome", this may not be mentioned in the S&P

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All 3 can be used for commercial(office) and residential?? Or just SOHO only??

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@ppnnkk2011 All 3 is the same thing actually, just different name. So yea, all 3 can be used for commercial and residential purposes~