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Hi Propsocializers,

A client is looking for a factory unit for sale in Shah Alam or Bangsar. Please contact me if you have one to propose. Please include the following if possible.

- General location
- Price
- Size
- Must be FREEHOLD

Send to me @ 0173785335 via Whatsapp or SMS, I will return your call or message after I confirmed client's interest. Thanks!

(PS: Please mention your name as well, thanks.)

Larry Yap
(Real Estate Finders)


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UPDATE: Another client looking for factory unit in Subang/USJ. Thanks.

Budget: 3 to 5 mil, investment purpose, prefers large build up (no specification)
contact me to propose.

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Thanks @Mag!

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I remember 20 years ago Lever Brothers (now Unilever) factory used to be a landmark in Bangsar. Now, i agree with Wanazemi, no more factories in Bangsar. All the factories have given way to commercial or high end condo development. U can actually see the same trend happening in PJ now. Factories are moving away and give way for commercial development. Good for the market - area renewal and increase property value...