(From left to right) Bofi (Malaysia) Managing Director, Kelvin Tan; Gamuda IBS Executive Director, Lim Hui Yan; Innocera Director, Lee Yeu Jer; Cement Industries Malaysia (CIMA) Managing Director, Sharuddin Omar Hashim; UEM Sunrise Chief Executive Officer, Sufian Abdullah; Electrolux Malaysia General Manager, Vincent Lee; Guocera Managing Director, Sally Cheng; Signature Kitchen Sales Senior Manager, Pei Li Chew; and Managing Director of QAFL, Business Promotion office, Panasonic Corporation, Ichiro Suganuma posed for a group photo towards the end of UEM Sunrise’s Vendors Partnership Programme launch. Image from UEM Sunrise 

One of Malaysia’s top property developers, UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) together with nine local companies to strengthen, promote and develop a mutually beneficial relationship and cooperation under the Company’s Vendors Partnership Programme.

The partnership programme is expected to explore long-term synergies and promotes cooperation between UEM Sunrise and the participating companies in the areas of marketing and branding where both parties will leverage their respective marketing platforms to cross-market and increase brand awareness. 

The partnership programme is also expected to drive innovation, to provide opportunities for UEM Sunrise and the participating companies to explore products and services to enhance design development to align with the Company’s aspirations including its ESG goals; and cost savings – forming closer cooperation that would identify business opportunities leading to cost-saving benefits.

The nine participating companies include Guocera Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia’s largest manufacturers and exporter of floor tiles; Bofi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a company that combines carpentry craftsmanship with luxury kitchen, bath cabinets, and wardrobe; Innocera Marketing Sdn Bhd which produces and supplies Sericite-branded sanitary wares and fittings; Electrolux Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a global appliance company known for supplying consumer electrical appliances; Cement Industries of Malaysia Bhd (CIMA), one of Malaysia’s largest construction material manufacturers which provides innovative and sustainable cement and concrete solutions; Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a global company for electrical and electronic consumer and business solutions; Signature Cabinet Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s largest kitchen cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer; Aurum Precast Sdn Bhd, a company which specialises in concrete precast products for civil and building projects; and Gamuda IBS Sdn Bhd, an end-to-end digital IBS solutions provider, pioneering digital IBS adoption in Malaysia with the country’s first digital IBS facility.

“Our partnership programme allows us to collaborate closely with our partners in the long run, and we look forward to achieving these synergies as part of managing the risk of price fluctuations and supply and demand uncertainties. We hope by building such relationship; we would be able to manage our cost structure better and deliver the right values to our customers”, said UEM Sunrise Chief Executive Officer Sufian Abdullah.

He added that given the volatility of the market, UEM Sunrise will continue to monitor and fine-tune its pricing strategy based on several key cost elements aside from the prices of building materials. He is also optimistic that the Company’s long-term partnership programme with its vendors will help to provide solutions in addressing these rising costs in the market.

(9 June 2022)