It’s halfway through the year. Michael Buble is defrosting, your performance review is near, and you were so excited as you were just about to ask your girlfriend to move in with you. Yet here you are, alone in your house because she accepted that job offer in Singapore. It’s okay. It’s time to recalibrate your values and make this relationship work. Here are 5 steps to survive a long distance relationship (LDR).

Step 1 - Leave it in the Past

I know, I know. It doesn’t make sense. Why did she have to move to Singapore when you had a good salary, an-okay-living-space, and your mother has always said you are very handsome. What’s the problem? My friend, she knew what she wanted. Do you? It’s time to leave it in the past, make the best of this scenario and calibrate your values. What do you want? The best place to start is your environment.

Step 2 - Clean Up your House

Your house is probably a mess right now. Too many magnum minis and dirty dishes. The best thing to do to make the situation work in your favour is to start by cleaning your home. Wash the dishes, dry them, then wrap them in newspaper, then put them in a box. Do this for all your belongings cause we’re moving out buddy!

Step 3 - Move into your New Home

This is more like it! Exceptional choices of facilities and an expansive 7 acres of greenery. What is loneliness? Eden by The Parque Residences is a resort-themed condominium that is naturally heavenly. Feeling alone when you wake up? Head to ZENERGY, the gym and yoga deck. Feeling so lonely that you might cry? Head to the STEAMROOM and watch those tears disappear. There are 28 different facilities for you to occupy your time with. As time passes by, your new lifestyle will transform your negative emotions into positive ones.

Step 4 - Do Activities Together via Video Call

Schedule an amazing date. Make an incredible meal at the GRILLMASTERS STATION with fresh herbs from the 7 FLAVOUR GARDEN. Then take a walk together in the 360 DEGREE GARDEN. Relax in the JACUZZI and top the night off staring out into the distance at the SKYVIEW with relaxing outdoor recliners. At the end of the night, be vulnerable with each other and tell her that you love her and that this could all be hers if she comes back.

Step 5 - She Comes Home

She realises there is more to life than a good job in Singapore. She realises that there’s Eden by The Parque Residences. When she arrives at the airport, you pick her up on-time because Eden is located in Eco Sanctuary which is well-served by Klang Valley’s network of major expressways and arterial roads. She realises you are a different person. You both walk to your unit. The mood is set, and the lights are showcasing the luxury of the apartment. You get down on one knee as she looks deep into your eyes. You take a deep breath and you say “Will you move in with me?”.

Eden by The Parque Residences ranges from 1,065 sqft up to 1,200 sq ft with 2 baths and 3 to 4 bedrooms with 2 parking lots for every unit. Prices start from RM2,070/month. Discover endless luxury at Eden by The Parque Residences and click here to contact us:

Website: The Parque Residences
WhatsApp: Poh Ching

(Written by Christian Palencia, 14th July 2022)