2023 poses various worries for Malaysians. Many find themselves anxious with the impending recession. However, society must grow in its pursuit of stability and success. How do we best tackle the year to ensure our security? Let’s break it down.

In 2022, many publications went ablaze with concerns for the impending recession. Headlines warned the population, businesses and banks to brace themselves for the impact of a global recession that is projected for 2023. This coupled with the rate of inflation created a heavy panic amongst Malaysians - where the lack of information has created a lack of confidence for future investments. Other factors that contribute to the uncertainty are the state of politics, diminished spending power and overall morale of the economy.

However, in spite of the uncertainty, new families will still need to buy homes and investors will need stability. The country must still move forward. Enter Mah Sing’s Secured Campaign. With impressive forward thinking, Mah Sing has launched a campaign to support and encourage Malaysians during this time. By consistently building close relationships with their customers, they learned of their fears and concerns.

Ever increasing interest rates was the first major concern amongst Malaysian investors and home-buyers that Mah Sing noticed. With the belief that everyone deserves to have a home - Mah Sing has backed this up with fixed interest rates. They ensure their customers fixed interest rates from 3.3%.

Mah Sing also provides a Step-Up payment scheme to lessen the spending burden for you. This gives you the opportunity to secure a home with staggered payments with savings up to 30%* on monthly instalments. This allows you to manage your priorities and commitments as they grow. Mah Sing also provides you with attractive packages and incentives to alleviate the pain of a diminishing savings account.

To kick-start your homeownership journey, Mah Sing also has various activities that will excite you. The Secured Campaign prioritises a worry-free homeownership journey. With this holistic campaign already providing you with the security you need, Mah Sing tops it off with sweepstakes. You can stand a chance to win a prize when you share about your Mah Sing home.

For more information visit ‘Mah Sing Secured’ campaign website at: www.mahsing.com.my/secured or call 1300 80 6888, or drop an email at crm@mahsing.com.my to find out more about the campaign.

(30th Jan 2023)