Problematic tenant
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Delay in paying rental every month, never pay in full. Did not pay TNB bill also. How to chase the tenant out in a legal way?  


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Hi all, I see a lot of unhappy owners in this thread.                                                  Moving forward, is it possible to feedback to the relevant authorities so that this issue can be further investigated and come out with standard guidelines for tenants and owners. This is to ensure everybody is clear on their legal obligations when signing on the Tenancy Agreement.

Can any legal advisors please help? Appreciate it.

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I would really hope there are more legal advisors, consultants or know about legal to tell more here on what are the to Do's when they face problematic tenants that are bind to the TA and not willing to pay up the rent and Utilities. It's a big headache.

Word of advice, never act like a boss/tai lo that bring many people to lock the door/cur the utilities, Let the Legal (Police/Management) do the talking as it's against the law even if you are the owner to the property. The tenant has the rights, please be careful.

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