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This Kelana Jaya extension line opened about a month already. From Putra Heights to KL is now a breeze... but ticket fee is not cheap. One way fee is around Rm5, but it is slightly cheaper if u use prepaid card like Touch&Go card. Senior citizens and students can apply for concession cards and fees are 50% cheaper.

I tried it out last week... to my surprise the 4-coach train is all jam-pack when i reached Kelana Jaya station ( i started at Usj7 station)


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Oh, how is it. It is in proper maintain and how's the cleanliness? I have yet to try out the new line of the LRT. So the interchange will be at KJ station?

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Everything is new, we will know a year later if it is properly maintained. Cleanliness is perfect.... for now it is world class...

For stations and interchanges, go check in the Myrapid website 

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@ppnnkk2011 good sharing