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据马新社报道,拥有梳邦USJ高峰酒店(Summit Hotel)82%股权的 AmFIRST 房地产投资信托基金(AmFIRST REIT),将耗资2000万至3000万令吉的资金为该酒店进行翻新工程,以保持该酒店的四星评级。

目前由高峰酒店管理有限公司(Summit Hotel Management Sdn Bhd)管理的高峰酒店,在选出新酒店运营商后,就会展开翻新工程。

AmFIRST 房地产投资信托基金的副首席执行官 Zuhairy Md Isa 表示,该公司已经确认一些良好的酒店运营商,并需要三至六个月的时间才能公布最终决定。




(Translated by: Yau Yin Wey, 5th September 2016)


Kate chew small

Are the tenants inside the new Summit Mall still the same? 

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Seems like and sounds like the summit is ok to visit was a summit plaza back in Bukit Mertajam but it didn't work out...but at least I think their hotel there is still running~

Kate chew small

Went there last weekend. Inside is still exactly the same. No difference. Only outside looks more 'posh' now after the renovation. Shoppers might feel like being conned. I am sure people expect the retail shops inside to be different or more 'upscale' than before, but it's still exactly the same. So, what's the point of the external renovation??

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing